Walmart Gift Card is the most favorite payment way in the USA and Canada. Walmart is the cheapest online shop. You will find so many ways to get a Walmart gift card in USA. I am going to share two effective ways with you on this page.

  1. Submit an email address and win it in a mail.
  2. Another one is to collect points by serving and win the prize.

You can buy Walmart Gift Card by using you credit card balances. But it totally different. One and only requirement is email address. Try both ways, you can be the next winner. So let’s check your luck for gift cards.

get walmart gift card Giftcards


After submitting a valid email address. Follow the email instructions after receiving mail from the provider. Follow the e-mail instructions. The email contains a password or activation code for you. Check balance on Walmart gift card. Check out time, select payment methods. Select add a new gift card here. You can use five gift e-cards or a combination at a time. If your total purchase amount is less than your giftcard balances, then the extra amount will remain for your next purchase. If you need to add extra money, you can add. Don’t miss it. Decide it and press the buttons.

This offer is sponsored by RZUSA. It will ask for some mailing information like name, address, phone number and email. You will have to use your valid email address here. They will send it to your mail address. It is the best way because you have to provide a valid email address only. If you have two minutes, then try it. $100 is not a small amount to me. Here is a chance to win a $1000 gift as well. Although win $100, is easier than $1000.

Sweepstakes is a popular giveaway portal on the internet. RZUSA and Sweepstakes both offer same item. But one thing is the difference here between RZUSA and Sweepstakes. After submitting an email, you will have to collect 100 points. It is easy to win a bigger amount here. Because after submitting an email, the company will ask some easy task for points. Once you collect asking points, you can exchange your points with a valid card. So you should also try this giveaway too. You can be next $1000 winner.

Are you from Canada and looking for Walmart Gift Card? You are in the place. Take a chance to win a Walmart gift card by surveying. It will ask for buying something using your credit card and get e delivery Walmart Gift card.


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